Final Fantasy 14 Players can Finally Buy This Controversial Emote Again


  • Final Fantasy 14 players can now purchase the Eat Pizza emote directly from the Online Store after a messy promotion with GrubHub.
  • The original collaboration with GrubHub for the Eat Pizza emote was poorly executed, with GrubHub failing to send promo codes to many players.
  • The Eat Pizza emote is now available for $7, and Final Fantasy 14 also added a Pepperoni Pizza Set as a separate item for $5.

Final Fantasy 14 players can finally get the charming-but-controversial Eat Pizza emote directly from the Online Store. This emote, originally available via a messy promotion with GrubHub, is now available for every Final Fantasy 14 fan to purchase directly with no strings attached.

In December 2021, Final Fantasy 14 partnered with GrubHub for a week-long promotion for The Game Awards where players could receive the Eat Pizza emote by ordering $15 of food from the delivery service while using a special promo code. However, the execution of the collaboration was poor and disorganized, with many players having to fight to get their codes, and some never receiving them at all.

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Now, Final Fantasy 14 players who missed out on the promotion can finally grab a slice of their own. After two years, Final Fantasy 14 added the Eat Pizza emote to the Online Store, where they can pick up the emote on a single character for $7. What’s more, Final Fantasy 14 also added a Pepperoni Pizza Set – a pack of five copies of a housing decoration featuring a pizza, wings, salad, potato wedges, and soft drinks – as a separate item that players can buy for $5.

What Happened with the Final Fantasy 14 Eat Pizza Emote?

  • Players who ordered $15 on GrubHub with the promo code ENDWALKER from December 9 through 15, 2021, were to receive an email with the Eat Pizza emote.
  • GrubHub failed to send codes to many players, prompting them to contact the company directly.
  • Final Fantasy 14 players are told multiple excuses by GrubHub, citing limited supply, delivery-only or coupon use restrictions, or that it was a lottery the whole time.

After the Final Fantasy 14 GrubHub Eat Pizza fiasco of 2021, fans who missed the original promotion are glad they can finally get this charming emote. Some fans pointed out the $7 price tag seems steep, especially since other eating emotes are only $2. This high price is usually reserved for store-only emotes, rather than event-limited ones, but given the problems during the original promotion, some pointed out the Eat Pizza emote might as well be considered a premium cosmetic.

Eat Pizza wasn’t the only eating emote players have been waiting for in FF14, however. KFC recently did a crossover with Final Fantasy 14 featuring an Eat Chicken emote, but the collaboration was only obtainable in Japan. Players will have to wait and see if this delicious emote eventually makes its way to other places where the critically-acclaimed MMORPG is available.

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